5 Quotes from Teacher's using PrintLab products

The Kideville experience has been one of a kind for me as an instructor and for the kids as their first hands on experience with delicate machines like the 3D printers.

Yousteena William, Teacher

Our mission at PrintLab is to bring together the world's best 3D printing products for education and offer them locally through our community of resellers in 19 countries. We are very proud to be working with each and every one of them - and we aren't the only ones who appreciate their efforts in the industry. Here are 5 quotes from teachers using PrintLab products:

1. Kidesign

About Kidesign

2. Makerversity DIY

About Makerversity DIY

3. 3DPrinterOS

About 3DPrinterOS

4. HoneyPoint3D

About HoneyPoint3D

5. Kidesign...again

About Kidesign

It's an inspiration to us to hear quotes like these and we are looking forward to an exciting future for 3D printing in education!


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