Getting Started with SketchUp for 3D Printing

SketchUp is a free 3D modelling software that is used in industries such as education, architecture, design and much more. Its easy-to-use interface coupled with a feature rich toolset makes it an ideal software for beginners

In our newest resource we have created a simple workbook for teachers and students that are complete beginners to 3D modelling and 3D printing. The resource uses SketchUp software, which is free to download here. SketchUp’s easy-to-use interface coupled with a feature rich toolset makes it an ideal software for those first starting out with 3D design and 3D printing.

By going through the workbook you will be introduced to the basic tools SketchUp has to offer before going through 2 short projects to create a house and keyring model that can be 3D printed.

We recently trialled the resource with our Pioneer school in India – Khaitan Public School. It was a pleasure to be able to support our Pioneer, Garima Bhasin, and her students. Garima told us that the students thoroughly enjoyed the experience of being introduced to 3D modelling and we’ll soon be catching up with Khaitan Public School to share their first experience of 3D printing.

To download the resource, simply sign up below and head to our resources. The workbook is located under Lesson Plans > PrintLab Lessons

We hope you enjoy this resource and for any feedback or support, please get in touch at

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