PrintLab Teacher’s Guide – Getting Started with 3D Printing

Last year we released our PrintLab Teacher’s Guide to assist educators getting started with 3D printing. We were overwhelmed with positive comments from the guide and as promised we have continued to improve this resource.

Today we are happy to announce that the first revision is complete and includes a range of new sections and use cases. Here is the contents of our new Teacher’s Guide:

1. What is 3D Printing?

2. Industry Uses & Benefits

3. Common Types of 3D Printers

4. Free 3D Modelling Software

5. Why 3D Printing in the Classroom?

6. 3D Printing by Subject

7. The Challenges

8. An Educator’s Journey

9. Step 1: Learning

10. Step 2: Getting Hands-On - 3D Printing

11. Step 2: Getting Hands-On - 3D Scanning

12. Step 3: Planning

13. Step 4: Teaching

14. Step 5: Developing

15. Step 6: Growing

16. Use Case: St Andrew’s College - NZ

17. Use Case: Kideville Curriculum in the UAE

18. Use Case: Functional 3D Printing

19. Use Case: 3D Scanning for Product Design

20. Free Lesson: Make a 3D Contour Model

21. Free Guide: Logo to 3D Print

To get this free resource, simply sign up below and head to our resources, where you can view the guide online or download it as a PDF.

We hope you enjoy the first revision of our Teacher’s Guide and if you have any comments or require any support, get in touch by emailing

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