We use 3DPrinterOS to track the quantity of prints going through our doors and the amount of active users we have. We can use this data as a point for calculating funding and costs for semesters to come” Davin Huston, Purdue University.

3D Printing Management

Data Tracking & Analytics

Workgroup Access Codes

3D Printing Management

Visualize, repair, prepare and slice models for printing from a single platform. With 3DPrinterOS you can access and control your 3D printers and job queues anytime, anywhere and from any device. Watch your prints in live view mode and have a unified workflow across all your 3D printers. Users won’t have to dedicate time and resources to additional training for admins on a completely different workflow for each printer type.

Data Tracking & Analytics

Track, monitor and audit every part of the 3D printing process with reporting tools. Monitor success rates, job ID’s, individual filament usage, printing hours and much more! You can use your reports to bill users, analyze trends and save money and time. 3DPrinterOS allows you to control accessibility through workgroup access codes that make it simple to cluster, network and distribute access to your 3D printers. 

Workgroup Access Codes

Workgroup codes make it simple to cluster, network and distribute access to your 3D printers. Whether you have 1 user or 100+, you can easily create workgroup codes that can be shared out to specific groups network wide.

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We’ve tested 3DPrinterOS, OctoPrint, AstroPrint, and PrintToPeer. I’m very happy to say that your product has been favored by our testers and technical staff. Scalability is important to us as we plan to grow in the coming year and 3DPrinterOS is a clear winner for us.

Chip Bobbert, Duke University


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