EinScan 3D Scanners

EinScan 3D scanners by Shining3D utilise innovative white-light technology to produce accurate 3D models without the difficulty of learning complicated 3D design software. Their award-winning products have been used in a variety of fields, from archaeology and education to medical and product design.

high accuracy

fast scanning

easy to use


Equipped with both automatic (turntable) and free scan modes, the EinScan-S is capable of both small and large objects. Users can easily switch between either scan mode. The EinScan-S is capable of scanning a wide variety of differently sized objects. The maximum automatic scan envelope is 200x200x200mm (7.87-inch cube) while the free or manual scan envelope is 700x700x700mm (2.3-foot cube).

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EinScan Pro

The EinScan Pro can rapidly capture the 3D data of real objects including the human body as well as freeform surface objects. The suggested size of objects scanned is 0.03-4m. Handheld rapid scan, Handheld HD scan, Automatic scan, and Free scan makes the EinScan Pro a powerful all-in-one 3D scanner, satisfying the needs of engineers, students, medical experts and designers amongst many others.

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