Makerversity DIY

Students have loved making. It has been a great learning curve. The students are deservedly proud of their work. 

Vicki Pettit, Head of Education at St Andrew's College NZ

Make your own measuring tape

Design your own pavilion with CAD

Design your own wall graphics

Build your own sandtimer

Design your own team uniform

Make your own cookie cutter

Build your own greenhouse

Make your own workshop stool

Make your own microscope

Build your own workbench

Get your Hands-on Lessons

The lessons can be purchased individually or as a “10 lesson bundle”. They come as digital downloads so you can use them as many times as you wish and each lesson is aligned with targets and learning objectives. 4 of the lessons are available for free! Check them out here.

You should know that you guys are doing what all educators should be doing -keep up the fantastic work

Lilly Kam, Director of STEM at Foundation

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