The PrintLab Education Bundle

The PrintLab Education Bundle is the ultimate starter package for schools looking to introduce 3D printing into the classroom. Powered by innovative 3D printers and scanners, the bundle is supported by a whole range of curriculum and training materials.
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Bundle Contents

2 EinStart-C 3D Printers, 10 Reels of Innofil PLA, 1 EinScan-SE 3D Scanner, 10 Makerversity DIY Lesson Plans, 5 PrintLab Education Lesson Plans, 1 Kideville Curriculum Kit, 3 HoneyPoint3D CAD and 3D Printing Online Courses, 1 PrintLab Education Bundle Handbook

The Ultimate Starter Package

Powered by innovative 3D printers and scanners, the bundle is supported by a whole range of curriculum and training materials. Our mission is to make 3D printing easy for teachers, whilst helping them develop new skills to inspire students and prepare them for their future careers. 

3D Printing Made Easy

At the heart of the bundle are 2 EinStart-C 3D printers. The innovative desktop 3D printers were created especially for schools, featuring a fully enclosed build chamber, safety door and automatic bed levelling.

3D Printable Files in Minutes

It can take some time to learn how to design complex, intricate models in CAD for 3D printing, but the EinScan-SE 3D scanner allows you to turn any real-world object into a digital 3D model in just 2 minutes on the automatic turntable.

Lessons Tied to Core Curriculum

Makerversity DIY is a pioneering curriculum of hands-on lessons for teachers and students everywhere. The simple and exciting lesson plans enable educators to incorporate making and hands-on activities into core curriculum subjects.

A Term-Long City Design Project

Kideville is a sustainable city design project, where much like in a game, each student is assigned a creative mission that takes them through a full design and project management process. 

Teacher Training

Educators play an essential role in assisting their students to become the next generation of innovators and we take pleasure in helping them develop new skills through training activities and online courses included in the bundle.

It’s more than a Bundle, it’s a Journey

The PrintLab Education Handbook is a 160 page document that leads educators through the journey of the ecosystem. There are training resources on each product and exercises such as calculating material costs and print durations.

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