PrintLab Education Bundles

Teachers require assistance and direction in order to successfully introduce this technology. That is our focus and thinking behind these packages so that together we can inspire minds and prepare the next generation for their future careers

Through the creation of a teacher training handbook and an interactive online education portal, PrintLab's education bundles give teachers all the tools necessary to teach 3D printing across a wide range of subjects. 

As well as creating valued unique content, the strategic partnership with Shining3D amongst other industry leading brands has enabled PrintLab to develop comprehensive packages to suit every school budget and level of experience, from complete beginner to fully functioning multi-subject 3D printing labs.

The common theme across all three of the newly developed packages is the Teacher training handbook and access to the PrintLab Classroom lesson portal. Let's take a look at each bundle:

Innovative Products
Creative Curriculum
Teacher Training

PrintLab Start

The PrintLab Start Bundle is a low-cost solution that includes everything a teacher needs to get started with 3D printing. PrintLab’s teacher training handbook and lesson plan portal, along with the EinStart-C 3D printer, will provide educators with the necessary skills to integrate 3D printing into the curriculum.

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PrintLab Educate

The PrintLab Educate Bundle includes 2 EinStart-C 3D printers, 5 rolls of filament and a whole range of teacher training resources and curriculum such as Kideville’s term-long, city design project. All this for the price you would expect to pay for a single desktop 3D printer.

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PrintLab Innovate

The PrintLab Innovate Bundle is the ultimate starter package for schools looking to introduce 3D printing into the classroom.Powered by innovative 3D printers and scanners, the bundle is supported by a whole range of curriculum and training materials that can be used by teachers across different subject areas.

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