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Meshmixer Course

79.00 USD

Meshmixer is an easy, free software program from Autodesk that is a design tool based on high-resolution dynamic triangular meshes. This class by HoneyPoint3D features 17+ hours of expert online video training, targeted videos explaining answers to specific questions, hidden tricks, multi-video modules that can be learned in order or by topic, 80+ meshmixer tools explained, 165+ total videos, answers to specific workflow questions and more! 

The product comes as an activation link that will be sent to you via email to give you full access to the course material.

**This course is for single use and must not be shared across multiple users. The course term is 12 months from date of activation. Price listed is per person.** ENQUIRE FOR CLASSROOM DISCOUNTS

Over 7000 paid students

All skills welcome

Meshmixer is an easy, FREE software program from Autodesk that is a design tool based on high-resolution dynamic triangular meshes. Powerful, yet quick to learn if you have the right tutorials. In our business we don't run a print before we send it through Meshmixer. Meshmixer focuses on improving the 3D printing ecosystem like no other tool, and it is also a very capable digital sculpting tool.

You don't need to own a 3D printer to participate in this 3D printing revolution. We will show you how to upload your files online with companies that will print them for you! We can teach you how to create or upload your own CAD file and paint, create patterns, apply support material, sculpt, pull, twist, turn, add, delete, flatten, pitch, shrink, inflate, stencil, drag and drop, and/or mesh objects together. We will go over 80+ tools to unleash your creativity.


Class Curriculum

An Overview of Autodesk Meshmixer (6 sections)

Evaluating and Fixing Downloads from Online Sites (8 sections)

Working with Multiple Objects in Meshmixer (12 sections)

Polygonal Modeling vs. Prismatic Modeling: When To Use and What They Are (5 sections)

Sculpting with Digital Clay (17 sections)

Meshmixer's Support Structure Generation for 3D Printing (8 sections)

Creating and Fixing 3D Scans (11 sections)

Creating a 3D Model from a Photograph (6 sections)

Targeted Videos Collection (15 sections)

Reference Section: Sculpt Brush Modifiers (10 sections)

Reference Section: Volume Sculpt Brushes (12 sections)

Reference Section: Surface Sculpt Brushes (5 sections)

Reference Section: Edit Menu (17 sections)

Reference Section: Analysis Menu (11 sections)

Reference Section: Shaders Menu (1 section)

Reference Section: Select Menu (3 sections)

Reference Section: Select --> Edit Menu (17 sections)

Reference Section: Select --> Convert To Menu (1 section)

Reference Section: Select --> Deform Menu (1 section)

Reference Section: Select --> Modify Menu (1 section)

HoneyPoint3D, a CAD file creation company, was founded in 2013 and offers educational and business services all aimed at helping clients create CAD files. HoneyPoint3D launched a successful Kickstarter campaign in July 2015 that funded their flagship course on Autodesk Meshmixer. They have now expanded and created award winning online courses dedicated to 3D design and 3D printing.


HoneyPoint3D have taught over 7000 students and were approached by Maker Media (parent company to MAKE magazine) to co-author Amazon's best selling 3D printing book - MAKE: Getting Started with 3D Printing. The innovative team have also won several awards including:  Autodesk "Inventing the Future" April 2015 award, Best of the Bay Award 2015 San Francisco Magazine and the Fusion360 Community Award at Autodesk University 2014. 


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