Make an Ergonomic 3D Printed Pen

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Make an Ergonomic 3D Printed Pen

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In this lesson students will go through the 3D scan to 3D print process to create an ergonomic pen. The lesson involves sketching, clay modelling, 3D scanning and 3D printing. The lesson is split up into 3 sessions lasting approximately 1 hour each and can be incorporated into the study of design technology, art and design and ICT. The material can be adapted for ages 7-15. To get this free lesson simply add it to cart and enquire. The local PrintLab Partner will then send you the lesson pack via email.

Cross Curricular

3D Scan to 3D Print

The process begins with a short presentation and discussion session, where the teacher will give an overview of ergonomic design. This will be followed by a demonstration of the 3D scanning process, where the teacher will use a ready-made clay pen model as an example.

Following the presentation, students will sketch out ideas in their workbook and design their clay models. 

In session 2 students will individually scan their clay models, one by one. Whilst each student operates the 3D scanner, the rest of the class will take the knowledge gained from session 1 and continue to create a whole range of ergonomic models out of clay.

In the final session each student will have a scanned model of their pen. They will go through an instruction booklet to edit their models and prepare them for 3D printing.


In this lesson students will:

- develop contextual knowledge of ergonomic design

- improve their mastery of art and design skills using a range of materials

- analyse and evaluate their own designs in order to determine whether they meet the criteria required for 3D scanning and 3D printing

- develop hands-on 3D scanning skills

- use CAD software to edit and prepare files for 3D printing

- develop hands-on 3D printing skills

- go through the product design process, from concept to completion

Each student will require:

400g of air-drying white modelling clay (200g for session 1, 200g for session 2)  - modelling tools are optional

1 x laptop preloaded with Meshmixer software (students can work in pairs if required) 

1 x pen/pencil

1 x ruler

1 x Bic Cristal Biro Cartridge

The teacher will require:

1 x screen for presentation

1 x desktop 3D scanner

1 x 3D printer and PLA filament

1 x laptop/computer preloaded with 3D scanning software and 3D printing software

1 x ready-made clay model to run a 3D scanning demonstration

1 x 25mm diameter ball of pressure sensitive adhesive e.g. Blu Tack

1 x tube of superglue

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