Design your own interactive wall graphics

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Design your own interactive wall graphics

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This Makerversity DIY project will show you how to make an interactive wall graphic using the Touch Board and Electric Paint. Students can follow these easy instructions to learn how to cold solder and how sensors work. They will also use their creativity to create personal stories and narratives from visual images. The Touch Board is a microcontroller which works like an Arduino, but has some very powerful extra features. Electric Paint is a conductive material which can be painted, screen printed and stencilled onto practically any surface. 

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This digital pack contains a teacher's guide, lesson plan, presentation, instruction sheets, exercise sheets and equipment list. You will need a touch board, electric paint pen and jar, micro SD card and reader, Micro USB cable, mini speaker, paint brush, double sided tape, A3 coloured paper and scissors/scalpel.


This lesson could be tied into the study of:

STEAM, Design and Technology, Physics (Electronics, Circuits), Maths (Engineering), English (Creative Thinking) and Art. With a little imagination, this lesson can be adapted to almost any curriculum topic.

All of our lessons are designed to be flexible for all ages, so duration and difficulty level can be adjusted to suit your class.

A huge thanks to Bare Conductive for developing this lesson!

Learning Outcomes

Pupils to paint and cold solder.

Pupils to understand basic principles of electronics.

Pupils to understand capacitive sensing.

Pupils to use a computer to change sounds on a Micro SD card.

Pupils to create responsive interfaces (IOT).

Pupils to construct narrative / storytelling.

Pupils to use visual language to communicate.

Success Criteria

Pupils to show proficiency in painting techniques.

Pupils to gain familiarity with electric components and materials.

Pupils to demonstrate an understanding of how a sensor works.

Pupils to demonstrate creativity through an audio-visual narrative.

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