Make your own measuring tape

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Make your own measuring tape

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This lesson provides a simple way to explain the concept of using units of measurement to record distance, as well as how to convert between different units of measurement. It enables them to practice accuracy and measurement skills, fractions, division and ratios, as well as encouraging their discussion of around systems of measurement and how to gauge what units are appropriate for different sized objects or distances.

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This digital pack contains a teacher's guide, lesson plan, presentation, instruction sheets, exercise sheets and equipment list. You will need Grosgain ribbon or till roll paper, a marker pen, scissors and a calculator.


This lesson could be tied into the study of:

Maths (conversion charts, measurement, history of units of measurement).

All of our lessons are designed to be flexible for all ages, so duration and difficulty level can be adjusted to suit your class.

Learning Outcomes

Make a clear and functional measuring tape to measure the height of your partner with reasonable accuracy.

Understand different units of measurement and make your own.

To convert between different units.

To come up with a formula to convert your own units of measurement into centimetres.

Success Criteria

You to demonstrate the ability to choose appropriate units to measure objects of different sizes and scales.

You to show that you can read from a scale and make your own scale using objects of a known length.

You to show a formula which allows your partner to convert your unit of measurement into centimetres.

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