Make your own microscope

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Make your own microscope

60.00 USD

This lesson is based around a simple hack of a cheap peripheral webcam which, using very basic workshop tools, can be turned into a digital microscope when connected to a laptop or USB enabled tablet. By dismantling an object, observing how it has been assembled and how these components work together, pupils will gain a deeper understanding of the material world around them and can use this curiosity to explore how things work and to invent for themselves. 

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This digital pack contains a teacher's guide, lesson plan, presentation, instruction sheets, exercise sheets and equipment list. You will need a precision screwdriver, steel rule 30cm, scalpel, cutting mat, small g-clamp, vernier caliper (if available), junior hacksaw, computer, peripheral webcam, A3 card 120gsm.


This lesson could be tied into the study of:

Physics (electronics and circuitry, lenses and optics, light and refraction), Biology (cells and structures).

All of our lessons are designed to be flexible for all ages, so duration and difficulty level can be adjusted to suit your class.

Learning Outcomes

Understand that objects are made up of a sum of components.

Identify these different components, learn what they do and where else they are used.

At the end of the session, we’ll have turned a webcam into a digital microscope that you can actually use!

Success Criteria

Pupils to identify different components and recognise them in different products and devices.

Pupils to learn how to use common tools correctly and safely.

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