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PrintLab Classroom (1 Year Access)

199.00 USD

PrintLab Classroom is a creative, lesson plan portal for teachers looking to integrate 3D printing into core topics such as science, technology, engineering, arts, maths, computing, geography, history, languages and more. Enrolling in PrintLab Classroom will give you 12 months access to a whole range of creative projects and 2 new lessons will be added to the portal each month. Try a free lesson by clicking here.

Creative Projects

Teacher Tutorials

Each lesson has its own section on the portal, giving teachers everything they need to prepare for and deliver the lesson. Our aim is not only to create lesson material but to provide teachers with the necessary skills to inspire the next generation.


Each lesson comes with:

- Lesson information including subject areas, learning criteria and equipment list

- Downloadable presentations

- Downloadable student workbooks

- Step-by-step lesson preparation information

- Step-by-step lesson delivery information

- Teacher training/lesson practice video tutorials


Design a 3D Printable Pen

In this 1 hour lesson, students design and print a functional pen. The lesson begins with a series of mathematical calculations on linear sequences. The calculations help students determine the measurements of the pen, which is designed in Tinkercad in the main part of the lesson. 


Finally, one of the pens is 3D printed and once complete, a Bic biro cartridge slots into the centre to make it functional.


Subject Areas

The lesson can be incorporated into the study of maths, computing, art & design and design technology. The material can be adapted for ages 7-16.

Learning Criteria

In this project students will:

- develop an understanding of linear sequences

- use Tinkercad software to design the shell of a pen to set dimensions

- develop an understanding of 3D printers and how they operate

Make a 3D Contour Model

In this lesson 1 hour lesson plan students will collaboratively design and 3D print a 1:50,000 scale model of Mount Everest and its surroundings. Each student will be allocated a different section of the contour model to design and 3D print. 


Once printed, the final model is assembled and the contours analysed.


Subject Areas

The lesson can be incorporated into the study of mathematics, geography, design technology or ICT and can be adapted for ages 7-15.

Learning Criteria

In this project students will:

- develop contextual knowledge of topographic maps and contours

- understand how geographical features are represented on maps

- develop an understanding of 3D printers, how they operate and how they are used in various industries

- use mathematical calculations to determine the size that a 3D contour model should be at the scale 1:50000

- communicate geographical information using CAD software and 3D printing

Balloon Powered Dragster

In this 5 lesson project, students will begin by learning about forces, motion and Newton’s Third Law. Using this knowledge, students will embark on a creative journey to design and 3D print their own functional, balloon powered dragster! 


Their aim is to create a vehicle that can travel as far as possible in a straight line.


Subject Areas

The lesson can be incorporated into the study of physics, maths, computing and design technology and can be adapted for ages 7-16.

Learning Criteria

In this project students will:

- understand the principles of Newton’s Third Law

- develop an understanding of forces including air resistance, friction, thrust and gravity

- understand and explore mechanical concepts of wheels and axles

- use their knowledge of forces and wheels to design a balloon powered dragster using CAD software and 3D printing

- analyse the performance of their balloon powered dragster by measuring the distance it can travel

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