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Ultimate Online Education

193.30 GBP

**Price shown is for the Fusion and Meshmixer Course. Intro to 3D Printing and Figurine Modelling Courses come completely FREE with this bundle**

Become an expert in 3D printing and 3D design with this ultimate online education bundle by HoneyPoint3D. Featuring over 35 hours’ worth of online training, you’ll learn all about the 3D printing industry before mastering CAD skills in 2 of the most innovative software packages available – Autodesk Fusion 360 and Autodesk Meshmixer. **The courses are for single use and must not be shared across multiple users. The course terms are 12 months from date of activation. ENQUIRE FOR CLASSROOM DISCOUNTS

Over 7000 paid students

All skills welcome

Autodesk Fusion 360 is a “solid modeling” tool, and offers tremendous capabilities to those who know how to use it. This is an online, self-paced course by HoneyPoint3D that has over 15 hours of instruction, including a thorough reference section that gives short videos on every feature inside of Fusion 360. Get stuck on how to use the Revolve tool?...look it up in the reference sections and get back on your way! Want to learn strategies for how to approach design in Fusion 360 in the first place, we’ve got that too!

Create models that manufacturers around the world know how to build.

Run simulations on your models to see how they will react to real-world stresses...before you ever go into production!

Create models driven by parameters...work on a model for a few hours, and go "back in time" to change one variable, and your model instantly updates with your new design choice!

Create photo-realistic renderings and moving animations of your models to help people understand your product.

Fusion 360 can do all of this and more. Come join this class and take control of the physical objects in your life. If something around your house breaks, you can fix it. If you want to make your environment more beautiful, do it. Fusion360 (with 3D printing) can change your life. HoneyPoint3D training can help. Join us!


Meshmixer is an easy, free software program from Autodesk that is a design tool based on high-resolution dynamic triangular meshes. This class by HoneyPoint3D features 17+ hours of expert online video training, targeted videos explaining answers to specific questions, hidden tricks, multi-video modules that can be learned in order or by topic, 80+ meshmixer tools explained, 165+ total videos, answers to specific workflow questions and more.

Meshmixer is an easy, FREE software program from Autodesk that is a design tool based on high-resolution dynamic triangular meshes. Powerful, yet quick to learn if you have the right tutorials. In our business we don't run a print before we send it through Meshmixer. Meshmixer focuses on improving the 3D printing ecosystem like no other tool, and it is also a very capable digital sculpting tool.

You don't need to own a 3D printer to participate in this 3D printing revolution. We will show you how to upload your files online with companies that will print them for you! We can teach you how to create or upload your own CAD file and paint, create patterns, apply support material, sculpt, pull, twist, turn, add, delete, flatten, pitch, shrink, inflate, stencil, drag and drop, and/or mesh objects together. We will go over 80+ tools to unleash your creativity.


Have you always wanted to learn about 3D printing? This course by HoneyPoint3D is for you! They have taught over 5000 people in their live classes and now you can enjoy their acclaimed instruction from the comfort of your own home! The presenter, Nick, is an acclaimed public speaker, and the lectures in this course are both informative, but easy to follow. This course will help you be literate about 3D printing so you can talk to your friends or children, and gives you ideas on how you can use 3D printing in your own life.

The videos in this course go into:

The basic terminology of 3D printing

Descriptions of the major types of 3D printers, and their prices

A comparison of costs to run each printer, and when it might be better to outsource your printing to an online service bureau

A discussion on the health effects of 3D printing in your home

Dedicated videos on the top software you can use to easily create 3D models

A dedicated video on photogrammetry: Use just your cell phone to make a 3D model!

The workflow from going from a pencil and paper design drawing to a 3D model, then to the slicing software, and finally to a print


3D printing has opened up the gaming and miniatures world to far more people than ever before. This class gives you a practical workflow to go from a model that you find online or make yourself (people, monsters, armor, etc.) to a 3D model that can be printed using your own printer. This class can be for complete beginners, or if you know Meshmixer already this class goes into some great ways to use Meshmixer’s tools to make the design process easy and fun.

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