PrintLab Resources

We enjoy being creative and sharing our resources with everyone. Here you can find guides, tips, lessons, 3D models and much more!

PrintLab Teacher's Guide

We created this guide to support teachers around the world with the revolution that is 3D printing. We are constantly learning new ways of educating and inspiring, which is why this guide will be updated regularly with new information.

Makerversity DIY

Makerversity DIY is a pioneering curriculum of hands-on lessons for teachers and students everywhere, designed by Makerversity. Their simple and exciting lesson plans enable educators to incorporate making and hands-on activities into core curriculum subjects. They also love sharing which is why they offer some of their lessons for free.

PrintLab Lessons

We're beginning a new initiative to bring free 3D printing lessons to schools around the world. In our first lesson, students will collaboratively design and make a 3D contour model of Mount Everest.

PrintLab Tutorials

In this section we are creating a series of 3D printing tutorials that anyone can pick up and try. Our resources include how to 3D print a chemical structure, how to turn a logo into a 3D print and how to get started with Meshmixer software.

5 Minute Designs for 3D Printing

A range of simple designs that can be created in less than 5 minutes

CURA Tips & Tricks

Learn how you can turn a hand drawing into a 3D print and how to print in multiple colours on a single extruder machine using CURA.

3D Printing Tips

Check out our 3D printing tips to make sure you have the best experience and results.

Classroom Prints

3D models that you can 3D print for your classroom.

3D Scans

As part of PrintLab's Scan of the Week, we're bringing you new models scanned by the EinScan-S and EinScan-Pro every week.

Household Items

Looking for items to 3D print for your home? Check out these free downloads!


We have some Santa STL's for you to 3D print

PrintLab Artwork

Need to brighten up your home or office? Check out our poster range. They are designed as vectors so you can scale them to as big as you want.

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