PrintLab Announces 2 Unique New Products for Schools & Libraries

The site license aims to break down the silos in education and upskill teachers across all subject areas, so that they can deliver the cross-curricular learning processes that our 3D printing curriculum has to offer

Today we are delighted to announce 2 new products in the form of unlimited-use licenses for our online 3D printing learning platform – PrintLab Classroom. The new solutions will provide schools, libraries, makerspaces and edtech training providers with unlimited seats to our 3D printing certification course, together with unlimited teacher/instructor accounts to our 3D printing lesson plan library.

Over the course of 2018, we introduced our 3D printing curriculum to over 300 individual teachers globally. Now with the new unlimited-use licenses, we aim to accelerate the growth of 3D printing across entire schools and organisations. The 2 new products include:


PrintLab Classroom Site License

A 1 year license (€929/year) for schools and non-profit educational organisations including libraries and makerspaces. With this license, all teaching staff can participate in a 4 hour online professional development course before selecting projects from the lesson plan library to teach their students. Every lesson is cross-curricular and comes with everything a teacher needs to deliver the project, including step-by-step instructions, downloadable presentations, video tutorials, student workbooks and STL files. 2 new projects are also added to the library each month.

Our ultimate goal is to close the 3D printing skills gap, to prepare students for careers where they can solve real-world problems and design a better future. The way to accomplish this isn’t to isolate 3D printing into a single subject area, but to break down the silos in education and bridge it across the school-wide curriculum. Similarly to how 3D printing is benefitting almost every industry sector, we’d like to see it benefitting every subject area of education. With our new unlimited site license, we’re giving all teachers the opportunity to learn, educate and inspire.

As we grow our lesson plan library to include globally important themes such as the circular economy and assistive devices, we truly believe this new combination of unlimited training and curriculum can become a game-changing toolkit for schools around the world.

PrintLab Classroom Instructor License

A 1 year license (€1859) aimed at edtech training providers and consultants who deliver 3D printing workshops. The license allows organisations to have unlimited commercial use of PrintLab Classroom, giving them complete freedom to grow their commercial businesses with tried and tested classroom content. 

Over the past 6 months, we have been contacted by multiple companies requesting to use our curriculum to start or expand their education training businesses. These include ICT solution providers looking to run 3D printing holiday clubs, STEM consultants looking to run teacher training sessions and technology organisations looking to host 3D printing workshops for students. It’s fantastic to see an array of education training providers placing a focus on 3D printing and we’re excited to support them with our established 3D printing curriculum.


Beamont Collegiate Academy and FabLab Warrington in the UK are the first institutions to receive the site license. They plan to use the package to get High School students utilising 3D design from the outset. John Grimshaw from FabLab Warrington commented saying, 

PrintLab is so detailed and easy to learn. It has saved me hours of pre-work, allowing me to spend more time working with students rather than educating myself on the nuts and bolts of the subject matter

The new licenses are now available and we are offering a 7-day FREE trial for those interested. For further information and to start a free trial, click here.

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