PrintLab Launches 3D Printing Curriculum for Spain

We have talked many times in the last years with teachers and schools that wanted to implement 3D printing in their classes but they didn’t know exactly where to start. Well, this is just the tool they were looking for.

Ángel Llavero, CEO of Sicnova

**Press Release**

PrintLab, a global distributor and curriculum provider in 3D technologies have today announced that their classroom learning platform is now available in Spanish. Following successful launch of the English platform in 2018, thousands of teachers from around the world have now used PrintLab resources in the classroom. The latest surge in demand has led to PrintLab Classroom being made available in Spanish, French, Dutch, Polish and Greek language.

As a result of a collaboration with Leading Spanish additive manufacturing distributor ‘Sicnova’, PrintLab are now able to prepare a new generation of young people in Spain & Latin America for their future careers, whilst providing teachers with engaging content and training for the Classroom. 

Spanish teachers will have access to a range of unique creative projects with additional new lessons being added to the platform every month. Each lesson comes with everything a teacher needs to prepare and deliver the lesson;

• Information including subject areas and learning criteria
• Downloadable presentations
• Downloadable student workbooks
• Step-by-step lesson preparation information
• Step-by-step lesson delivery information
• Teacher training/CAD video tutorials

PrintLab Classroom is the perfect solution for teachers looking to integrate 3D technology skills into core topics such as science, technology, engineering, arts, maths, computing, geography, history, languages and more. 

As well as lesson plans, a large focus is placed on teacher training or Continued Professional Development (CPD) with the inclusion of a comprehensive certification course. Another development is that Lesson plans are now being given Fusion 360 functionality in addition to TinkerCAD, allowing teachers increased flexibility and students the opportunity to progress from basic to more challenging design software. This improved curriculum is supported with alignment to a range of education standards.

Sicnova, now a reseller of PrintLab will offer the translated curriculum alongside 3D technology, materials and training. The hope is to provide thousands of teachers with the skills and knowledge to inspire tens of thousands of young people.

Nick Mayor, Co-Founder at PrintLab, is thrilled to offer a Spanish & Latin American educators with a unique platform for teaching 3D technology. 

Since launch, we have been astounded with the growing interest in PrintLab Classroom from every corner of the globe. With around 50 lesson plans and 2 new ones added each month, a key focus for us is to enable educators to use the platform in multiple languages. Our goal has always been to prepare the next generation for their future careers by addressing the widening skills gap and I am very pleased to say that this goal is being realised in a number of regions. One of our key objectives is on finding partners that share our belief and vision and in Sicnova, we have found an inspired team with a belief in inspiring the next generation at its core.

The aim is to inform, inspire and support students and teachers in adopting this technology in schools. PrintLab Classroom is now being used in over 30 countries and for us that is just the beginning, as we look to inspire minds on a global scale. A special mention must go to our PrintLab Pioneers, a group of 30 teachers from around the world that play a huge part in our curriculum development. For me this is the real power of Classroom, curriculum and training developed alongside teachers, for teachers!

Ángel Llavero, CEO of Sicnova also commented, 

For us this is a great step forward for providing the most complete solution for Spanish speaking educators. Now we have at Sicnova all the resources needed in our strategy: an excellent 3D portfolio for educational purposes, support service and now, thanks to our agreement with PrintLab, the largest lesson plan in Spanish for educators.

We have talked many times in the last years with teachers and schools that wanted to implement 3D printing in their classes but they didn’t know exactly where to start. Well, this is just the tool they were looking for.

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