What age group is PrintLab for?

The majority of our students are of ages 8-16 and our lessons provide information on how you can adapt the materials to suit segments within that range (e.g. 8-11, 12-16). Our content is also suitable for older age groups and adult learners getting started with 3D printing.

What subject areas is PrintLab suitable for?

Many of users teach STEM or Design & Technology but we have lessons available for history, geography and more. We have seen great success with our site license users, where STEM teachers provide support and guidance for teachers in other subjects.

Do I need to have any prior knowledge?

No prior knowledge of 3D design or 3D printing is required as our certification course takes you through a comprehensive training journey. Each lesson also acts as a professional development resource to broaden your knowledge on 3D printing applications.



What happens when I purchase from your website?

If you purchase from our website, you will gain immediate access to the teacher portal. Within 24 hours, a PDF document will be sent to you, which provides you with all your access details, including your student portal access code. 

What happens when I purchase from a reseller?

If you purchase from a reseller, you will receive a PDF document that provides you with all your access details. This includes information and instructions on accessing both the teacher portal and student portal.

What happens at the end of the 1 year period?

You’ll still have an online account on PrintLab Classroom but you will no longer be able to access the lessons. A notification email will be sent to you by either PrintLab or your reseller to check if you would like to renew your access.



Can I share my teacher portal login?

Unfortunately not. Please refrain from sharing login details with others. Each teacher/instructor should have their own separate account with PrintLab Classroom.

Can I use the student portal with different classes?

Yes. The student portal access code allows 30 or 200 (depending on your license type) students on the platform at the same time. If you’re on our teacher license, you just need to plan who uses the student portal at any given time.

Can I increase the number of student portal users?

You can upgrade from a teacher license to a site license at anytime. In the unlikely event that you’re on a site license and require more than 200 simultaneous users, we can work out a bespoke upgrade. In both cases, just get in touch via email.



What software is required?

Our curriculum uses design tutorials in Tinkercad (browser-based) or Fusion 360 software. Both options are completely free for educators and have tools for classroom management. Tinkercad is generally where students start before progressing into Fusion 360.

What if my school/organisation blocks the videos on the student portal?

Please give us an email at hello@weareprintlab.com and we will provide you with an alternative method of viewing our video content.

Does your platform capture student data?

No student data is captured. Our student portal is accessed via a code provided to you and they are not required to enter their name, email address etc.


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