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Former Apple Inc Trainer

About Myself

I’m a Technology Facilitator for Haverhill Public Schools. I’m actually new to 3D printing as of about a year ago, personally, as part of my job is to test, analyze, and integrate newer technologies with the various departments and staff. We received a couple of SLA (liquid-based) 3D printers as part of a new K-8 building project and added the PrintLab kit a little later on during the subsequent school year.

How we use 3D Printing

We’re still in what I would call the infant testing phase, where we’re going through the PrintLab curriculum ourselves as a training staff and sharing individual projects with key teachers interested in incorporating some project-based learning into their lessons. We’re effectively generating excitement around the process as it allows for brainstorming with the content teachers on how to best integrate these devices.

The Importance of Young People Learning about 3D Printing

I think 3D printing is one of the best combinations of the physical and digital worlds, as it blends so many necessary skills together from physics and math to design and prototyping. The amount of practical problem-solving that goes into a single 3D print project is incredible, not to mention the inherent rewards of completing a successful, finished, working product.

My Thoughts on PrintLab Classroom Curriculum

We’re using the curriculum as a way to learn about the process of the design > production process, utilizing the lessons to learn about the website and its workflows. I like the set up of the curriculum, as it includes everything a teacher needs from digital handouts and presentations to instructional videos and relevant connections to common learning standards.

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My Advice to other Teachers getting started with 3D Printing

It’s not scary! Not to use a canned phrase, but the possibilities are truly endless. We’ve seen increased collaborative opportunities, with our high school students can print communication pieces for our elementary SPED population; there’s been the real-world connection for middle schoolers, who now practically understand the “Z” button on their gaming consoles translates to digital design through building a tower; even money-saving behaviour tools from a 3D-printed working whistle!

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