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Enjoys knitting

Makes jewelry

About Myself

I have been a teacher for 20 years and I started teaching STEAM 3 years ago when I received a grant from my school district. Two years ago, I obtained my certification to teach Project Lead the Way.  I now teach pre-engineering and one class which is a combined 8th grade science and technology class. In addition to my classes, I run a makerspace out of my classroom that is available to all students during student free time.

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How my Students use 3D Printing

My students have used the 3D printer to make assistive technology devices in my class. We use assistive devices to learn the design process in the pre-engineering class I teach.  My students get a customer who they create something for.  Examples of 3D printed devices they have made include adaptive utensil handles, pencil holders, and pieces to repair broken ipad cases that belong to our special education department.

The Importance of Young People Learning about 3D Printing

I feel that 3D printing enforces several skills that my students need to learn.  By learning to create 3D models, students get exposure to CAD software which is becoming a common tool used in many careers they may be interested in. In addition, the modeling process helps them to practice measuring and other math skills.  

My Thoughts on PrintLab Classroom Curriculum

I really like the portal. I was excited to see lessons for subjects other than just science and technology.  I am hoping to have some teachers from different content areas try the lessons out for me to see what they think.  We have already done the Braille lesson in class and it went really well! The lesson was very well written.

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My Advice to other Teachers getting started with 3D Printing

I would advise people to just do it.  When I started using 3D printers I wasn't exactly sure what we would do with them and I had no idea how to use the machine.  Now I am always finding ways for us to use our printers and love the creativity that the kids use while designing things to be printed.  Students get really excited when they realize that they can make things themselves that they never thought possible.

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