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How my Students use 3D Printing

The kids at my school use 3d printing in a few different ways. We do some great stuff on BeetleBlocks where the kids code interesting shapes and patterns into 3d keyrings to be printed. We also create characters and figures using MagicaVoxel. I also use the printer to create larger more detailed models to be used in classrooms as inspiration. This includes dinosaur bones to be buried for the little ones, and ancient Egyptian canopic jars ready to be filled!

The Importance of 3D Printing in Education

3D printing is a fantastic tool for learning that should be utilised more and more in classrooms. Small and more affordable printers and being available, making it more and more accessible. The ability to go from idea, to design, to object in a lesson is transforming. It provides a moment of magic and wonder that can inspire them to create and build for years.

My Thoughts on PrintLab Classroom

Printlab Classroom is going add and stretch what we do in class. I will be using it to develop the children's ideas and thinking, as well as a tool for independent building as the learners become more confident.

My Advice for Teachers Getting Started with 3D Printing

My advice for newbies would be to start off small and cheap. Get to grips with a small machine, get to know how it works and what it's capable of. Then as you get more confident you can move up to a more advanced machine. I'd also say to get on as many forums and pages about your printer as you can. There are so many amazing people out there willing to help, they really are invaluable.

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