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How my Students use 3D Printing

Our students use 3D printing for a huge number of uses including as part of an assistive technology module, creating game pieces, replicas of biological and historical items and to provide solutions for their school community and personal lives.

The Importance of 3D Printing in Education

As part of a rapid prototyping environment, 3D printing provided a practical method for students to rapidly test ideas while developing collaboration, design and engineering skills.

My Thoughts on PrintLab Classroom

The layout of the Printlab Classroom is clear and logically structured. I have found their use of various media to communicate and support the learning journey, and appreciation of Design Thinking principles to be conducive to a successful learning outcomes when deployed in a Constructivist learning environment.

My Advice for Teachers Getting Started with 3D Printing

Always go with simple, well designed, well supported and reliable.

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