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How my Students use 3D Printing

At The HackSpace (UK) we want to increase access to technologies that are transforming the face of science and engineering. Give people access to skills training so when robots take over the world, we are all equipped enough to know how to switch them off! We will be using VR and spatial design to teach product design and creative skills, merging with 3D printing to display the power of the technology. An example: You design an avatar for a retro game you made at one of our game design workshops. You then 3D print that avatar through a direct file send from the Oculus headset, That avatar can that be equipped with NFC and used in a Nintendo Skylanders fashion to take budding engineers onto their next project! Thats just the beginning. Prosthetics. Recycled plastic used to prototype new products. Wearable tech. Artificial muscles. Toys for children and visual aids for those with learning difficulties. These are all projects visitors to The HackSpace can expect to see!

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The Importance of 3D Printing in Education

In my opinion, 3D printing should be taught as much as maths and english. We live in a world where automation can replace nearly every worker, embracing these technologies and using the creative nature of human beings to compliment the coming changes is the next step. We can use 3d printers to manufacture prosthetics at home or even 3D print homes and clothing (Sweden and Nike respectively). If 3D printing isn't brought into mainstream education soon, we will find our youth terribly ill equipped for the world we have built for them.

My Thoughts on PrintLab Classroom

PrintLab is an INCREDIBLE resource! The designers of the PrintLab curriculum need recognition. To have access to projects, tutorials and documentation is akin to having a Haynes manual for your mini, you cant underestimate the value of great content. Many people find 3D printing daunting, they see it as a topic for 'Other' people, with a resource like this, absolutely ANYONE can get involved and discover the wonders of 3D printing and the disciplines of design that surround it.

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My Advice for Teachers Getting Started with 3D Printing

Have fun! not everything has to be functional during the learning process. create useless stuff! Create a mini slingshot for firing spit soaked paper pellets, or a 3D version of the poop emoji! make it fun and the creativity of your students will literally ooze out of them. Wasn't it Einstein who said 'Creativity is Intelligence having fun' What he doesn't say is which one comes first, and I like to think, the creativity breeds the desire to pursue intelligence. Be Fun with it :)

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