519.00 EUR

The EinStart-C is a stylish and compact desktop 3D printer, based on fused deposition modelling technology. The fully enclosed design and optimised structures enable the EinStart-C to continuously operate for hundreds of hours before maintenance is required. It prints at an amazing speed of 100cc/h and benefits from automatic bed levelling, colour touch screen display and wireless network connection for automatic firmware updates.

Plug and Play

100 Micron Resolution


The EinStart-C is the next generation of desktop 3D printers by Shining3D. It adopts a brand new design suited for education, home and industry environments. 

einstart-c-white-background.jpg#asset:12Boasting advanced safety features and an amazing price point, it is the perfect tool for educators looking to incorporate 3D printing into STEM subjects.

The EinStart-C is also a great companion for business users. With its 100 micron resolution, modern design and amazing reliability, it is a must-have prototyping tool for designers.


Included Accessories

- 250g reel of Shining3D PLA

- External reel holder for use with larger filament reels 

- Scraper tool for removing prints

- Masking tape for print bed adhesion

- USB drive containing a range of print-ready files, user guides and troubleshooting videos

The Einstart-C is a plug-and-play desktop 3D printer that’s ready to create anything you might want — including a small army of adorable pandas, or perhaps every animal in the Chinese zodiac, both abundantly present around the booth in nicely 3D printed detail.


Shining 3D’s offer continues to expand with the introduction of the new Einstart-C 3D printer. This highly affordable desktop system is now offering state of the art features making it easy and intuitive to use for just about anyone.

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Model: Einstart-C

Print Technology: FDM

Layer Resolution: 0.1, 0.15, 0.2, 0.25, 0.4mm

Footprint: 364*386*380mm

Build Size: 153*153*153mm

Nozzle Diameter: 0.4mm

Local Flash Storage: 4GB

Screen: 3.5-inch Color Touch Screen 

Connectivity: Thumb drive, USB Cable, Wi-Fi

Filament: 1.75mm PLA

Software: 3DStar

Warranty: 12 months excl. print head module, which is 3 months

3DStar Software

3DStar is the EinStart-C’s easy-to- use slicing software, which is included on the USB drive that comes with the printer. The software has been carefully designed so that even complete beginners can easily navigate the interface and slice models within seconds. 3DStar also has advanced functions including:

- Split model function
- Model Error Checker
- Automatic Support Material Generator





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