What teachers say...

Stuart Lawn, FabLab Manorhamilton

The kids loved it and we actually managed to get a working whistle at the end! One of the kids has been so keen on it he convinced his Dad to buy a 3D Printer kit and they spent the weekend building it together!

Melissa Culver, Clovis North Area Elementary Schools

This is awesome!! The whole thing is so amazing! Nicely, nicely done. Wow!

Andrew Capizzi, Twenhofel Middle School

Love this lesson. Well put together with the posters and the sample STL files to show and demonstrate. Perfect for teachers beginning with 3D printing as well as for students to understand the possibilities and limitations

Jason Pekala, Mannheim Middle School

I love how this project has the students think about the world around them and to see that they can make a difference one bottle at a time

Sybil Eady, Prep Charter High School

Made several sets of these for class project on China. Used them during the festival. They were a big hit!

Dallas O’Brien, Somerset College

Great lesson! focused, succinct and supported well with examples and templates. I am planning on modifying for our context and implementing this into class. Thank you PrintLab!

Neil Wilkins, Haverhill Public Schools

Used this lesson to great effect in my classes this fall. The video was a huge help to many of my students, allowing them to understand the strengths of the duplication tool

Tony Wood, Westbury House School

Your curriculum provides a lot of support and I have been impressed with the quality of the material. This braille lesson has inspired my 9 year olds and now we have plans to cover the school in braille signage. We also have been inspired to invite blind people into school with their guide dogs to help advise us further

Steven Jones, L.J. Hauser Junior High School

The bottle opener lesson has been my favorite so far. It really fit well into the theme of developing empathy for others, which is an important aspect of my classes. Students did research on arthritis and other circumstances that would require people to use assistive tools. They came up with a variety of designs to meet the needs of a specific person

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