3D Printing for Schools

I have four classes of 3D design, all using PrintLab Classroom. The ability to design and create in 3D will be a part of their future, as will be learning from their mistakes!

Michele Brezovec, South Meadow School (USA)

A 3D Printing Toolkit for Teachers.

The PrintLab Classroom platform allows you to pick and choose from 40+ resources to build your own pathway for students of ages 8-16 - saving you the time and stress of creating your own lesson plans. Whether you're looking to introduce 3D printing into a STEM/Design Technology classroom or you're looking to roll out 3D printing across multiple subject areas, we have an abundance of cross-curricular content to support your journey. Let's take a look at the 2 portals included with PrintLab Classroom...

The teacher portal is home to PrintLab’s growing library of lesson plans. Each lesson consists of step-by-step instructions, together with a range of downloadable and editable teaching resources such as presentations, worksheets and assessment rubrics. 

The student portal is home to the online learning resources required for each of PrintLab’s lesson plans (3D design tutorials based on free Tinkercad and Fusion 360 software, explainer videos, case study videos etc). For every lesson on the teacher portal, there's a matching resource on the student portal. The teacher portal lesson plans will instruct you on how and when to direct students to these resources during a project. 

the journey begins with teacher training.

The PrintLab Certification Course is the starting point for teachers who require professional development training. The aim is to empower teachers in becoming proficient and confident in teaching 3D printing curriculum, whilst ensuring they have the necessary 3D design and 3D printing skills. The 5 hour self-paced online course covers everything from the 3D printing industry and process through to CAD techniques and design thinking.

students will learn technical skills.

A series of projects are dedicated to supporting the development of technical skills. These include mini-courses and lessons based on 3D printing basics, 3D modelling basics, slicing software and more. The aim is to provide students with a solid foundation so they can bring their creative ideas to life with 3D printing.

students will learn human-centred design.

One of the key themes on PrintLab Classroom is assistive technology, where students develop a deep sense of empathy for people with disabilities or the elderly. Projects include making tactile games for the blind and assistive bottle openers, as well as a full design-thinking unit where students develop unique solutions for a chosen end user.

students will learn how to solve global problems.

Show students the true value of 3D printing across a range of globally important applications - from designing hands-free devices to limit the spread of viruses to developing reusable packaging prototypes and upcycling waste materials. 

students will engage with STEM subjects.

Facilitate students as they become empowered and engaged with STEM challenges. We take a cross-curricular approach in a whole range of projects that include designing self-watering planters, 3D contour models, balloon dragsters, Egyptian obelisks and more.

Certified Teacher Training

Fully-Resourced Projects

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