An Example Pathway Through PrintLab Classroom Lessons

PrintLab Classroom was built as a flexible tookit of 3D printing projects that teachers can pick and choose from to build their own pathway for students. Having supported hundreds of schools over the years, we have seen some common trends and popular choices when it comes to selecting which projects are taught and in what order.

3rd September 2020 News

Today we’d like to share with you an example pathway through our project library, which takes students through a journey to become creative problem solvers! Below is a diagram of the example pathway for a school using our site license. The diagram can also be downloaded here.



As you can see, the journey begins by upskilling teachers in our 5 hour online certification course, which provides you with all the necessary skills and confidence to teach 3D printing curriculum. During the course, teachers learn technical skills such as 3D design but we also delve into the structure and framework of our design-thinking curriculum.



The next step is to provide students with foundational skills so they have the technical abilities to bring any idea to life. This can be done by delivering a series of lessons on the 3D printing industry, 3D design and slicing software. Informative video content, demonstration models and interactive tutorials are all included in this lesson series.



Stage 3 is where students may be introduced to the power of 3D design and 3D printing for iterative design, customisation, entrepreneurship and engineering design. This is done through creative projects that challenge students to design and make functional products that meet certain design criteria.



The final stage are design-thinking projects, where students use all the skills and knowledge they have gained in the previous stages to solve real-world problems. This series of lessons gives students a great deal of freedom in the outcome they produce.



We hope you enjoyed reading through this example pathway and we’d just like to reiterate that this should be used as inspiration to create your own. If you’re not yet part of the PrintLab community, you can start a trial here to learn more about this pathway for students.