Make a Personalised Egyptian Obelisk - 3D Printing Lesson Plan

In this 3D printing lesson plan, students will learn about hieroglyphics before designing and 3D printing a personalised Egyptian obelisk

Hello Everyone!

The second upload to PrintLab Classroom in March is a creative lesson called 'Make a Personalised Egyptian Obelisk'. The 2 part lesson can be incorporated into the study of history, religious education, computing, art & design and design technology.

In this project students will:

- Develop an understanding of hieroglyphics - the formal written language of Ancient Egypt
- Use a simplified hieroglyphic alphabet to decipher Egyptian words
- Understand the basic architectural design of Egyptian obelisks
- Use knowledge of hieroglyphics to create a personalised obelisk using CAD software and 3D printing

Check out the process of the lesson in the video below. If you'd like to learn more about PrintLab Classroom and to try a free lesson, click here.

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