PrintLab and ōH Launch Homeware Design Challenge

Today we are delighted to launch a new 3D Printed Homeware Design Challenge in collaboration with the ōH Foundation in Chester, UK. The challenge is the newest addition to the PrintLab 3D printing learning platform and marks the beginning of a new series dedicated to the design of products for real organisations and people.

A 3D model of a modular desk organiser set with the oH Foundation logo overlaid on top.

11th March 2024 News

Before we get to the details, we just want to highlight a few key things about this new challenge format in comparison to other PrintLab projects.
  • As mentioned above, the briefs are based on designing products for real organisations and people. Selected designs will be refined and manufactured for a whole range of purposes in the real world.
  • Unlike projects, which generally specify the type of product to make and the process to make them, challenges are broad and open-ended. This gives you more freedom both the type of product you make and the design process you take.
  • For teachers delivering the challenge in the classroom, an example lesson plan, curriculum alignment documents and an assessment rubric are still available. However, portfolio templates are not included as at this stage, we want students to begin exploring the creation of portfolios from scratch.
The aim of the challenge series is to give students and makers the opportunity to solve creative real-world problems to enhance learning, but also to serve local and global communities with delightful, custom 3D printed solutions. Without further ado, let’s take a look at the challenge in more detail. Check out the introduction video below and head over to the challenge platform to learn more!
2 website screens showing the learning platform for PrintLab's Homeware Design Challenge.


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