Quick Clips

Course 3D Design

In this mini course, you’ll use a simple 2D sketch to 3D model workflow to create a range of useful clip accessories. You’ll begin by following instructions and tutorials to design either a cable tidy, a bag holder or a filament clip before making your own unique clip accessory. View the course details below and start a free trial to PrintLab today!


Course Difficulty


This course is rated as basic and is suitable for all learners, including complete beginners.

Course Length


The estimated course length is 2 hours, excluding any 3D printing time. The estimate includes time for following instructions to design and make an example clip accessory, plus time to create a unique clip design.

Equipment Required


To participate in this course, you will require:

  • A laptop or computer with Inkscape software installed, as well as either Tinkercad or Fusion 360 (all options are free for education and hobbyists). We recommend Tinkercad for beginners and those under 13 and Fusion 360 for those over 13.
  • White paper, pencils and black felt pens/markers
  • Ruler or measuring calipers
  • 2D paper scanner or phone camera
  • 3D printer and filament
2 website screens showing the learning platform for PrintLab's quick clips project.

The Learning Platform

The course learning platform takes you through a range of informative content and tutorial videos to guide you through the 2D sketch to 3D model workflow.

A website screen showing the share resource pop down menu from PrintLab's quick clips project.

Teacher Features

With our education licenses, you can generate a share link to give your students instant access to the course learning platform.


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