Tinkercad Tool Posters

Today we're releasing a set of 10 Tinkercad posters for our community to enjoy. Each poster highlights a different 3D design tool in Tinkercad and provides step-by-step instructions on using the tool.

Nine informative posters, each highlighting a different 3D design tool in Tinkercad.

28th November 2022 Tips

The posters include:

  • Navigate
  • Place
  • Scale
  • Move and Rotate
  • Group
  • Hole
  • Duplicate
  • Mirror
  • Align
  • Cruise

Print them out and pin them up in your classroom, use them as handouts, or simply use them to learn about Tinkercad tools. You can download the posters here – no signups involved :). We hope you enjoy using them and we look forward to releasing more content like this in the near future!