Balloon Powered Dragster – 3D Printing Lesson Plan

Today we'd like to share with you the latest upload to the PrintLab Classroom lesson portal. The 5-lesson project is called 'Balloon Powered Dragster' and involves students learning about forces and motion before designing their own balloon powered dragster. In the final lesson, students will compete to see whose dragster can travel the furthest in a straight line!

28th February 2018 News

By the end of the project students will:

– understand the principles of Newton’s Third Law
– develop an understanding of forces including air resistance, friction, thrust and gravity
– understand and explore mechanical concepts of wheels and axles
– use their knowledge of forces and wheels to design a balloon powered dragster using CAD software and 3D printing
– analyse the performance of their balloon powered dragster by measuring the distance it can travel

The lesson includes all the teaching material required such as a powerpoint presentation, student workbooks, homework sheets and tutorial videos.



To learn more about PrintLab Classroom and to start a free trial, click here. Below is a video showing the process of the dragster project and feel free to get in touch with us at if you require any assistance with 3D printing in the classroom.