Pick and choose from our growing library of 3D printing resources to make assistive technology, homeware, architectural models, sculptures and much more

Our approach to learning is to promote creativity and go beyond step-by-step projects where every outcome is the same. Therefore, in addition to 3D design and 3D printing skills, we teach you how to use design methods to research topics, generate original ideas and develop visual concepts - before bringing 3D printed solutions to life through an iterative process.

PrintLab's '3D Printing Industry' mini course.

Mini Courses

Mini courses are based on informative video content or step-by-step tutorials. They help you to build foundational knowledge in 3D printing and technical skills in 3D design software using Tinkercad or Fusion 360 software (both free for personal use).

PrintLab's 'Tactile Games' project learning platform.


Projects guide you through each stage of the design process to make specific types of products in the fields of assistive technology, customised product design and STEM. They include a brief, background information, 3D design tutorials, portfolio templates and instructions on implementing various design methods such as user interviews, brainstorms, idea sketches, product evaluations and more.

The Make:able Challenge homepage.


Challenges are live briefs where you have the opportunity to design creative solutions for real organisations and people. They are broad and open-ended, giving you complete freedom in both the product created and the design process undertaken. Our first 2 challenges are based on assistive devices and homeware, with many more to be launched in due course.

Just a few reasons why you'll love PrintLab

Design Tutorials

Our resources feature both Tinkercad (for beginners) and Fusion 360 (for intermediate-advanced users) design tutorials – allowing you to select your software of choice. Additionally, they come with options for voice narration or text-based instructions, giving you freedom in the way you learn.

Portfolio Templates

As you move through each stage of a project, the learning platform guides you in filling in a Google Slides template to document your design process – resulting in a beautiful and professional portfolio of work. The portfolio is optional and you are free to document your work in alternative ways, or even not at all.

Method Toolkit

The Design Method Toolkit is designed to be used whilst working on projects or challenges. It provides you with a range of step-by-step problem-solving and design activities that can be used at each stage of the design process – whether it’s to research topics, generate ideas, design prototypes, evaluate solutions or present work.

Although PrintLab projects guide you in using a pre-defined set of design methods, you can adapt projects by selecting your own methods and design process. The toolkit can also be used to tackle PrintLab’s Make:able and Homeware Design Challenges, or challenges in your own day-to-day life.

Monthly Content

Keep an eye on the PrintLab Library as we’ll be adding content each month, so there will always be something new to learn!

I've been 3D printing for a few years and even so, it was definitely worth going through these exercises. Most my experience was learned on the job by doing and making mistakes over may years, so it was great to have a concise overview of the whole process and continue to learn new things.

Patrick Benfield

I have always been an “early adopter” of technology and wanted to get a 3D printer to play with and explore. But I had not ever used any 3D CAD so I needed a guidebook to help me put the different parts together so I could start to design and prototype my product ideas. Printlab was the perfect resource for guiding me and getting me a proper foundation so I could get up and running.

Ed Charlwood

Frequently asked questions about PrintLab

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Do I need any prior knowledge?


Absolutely not! PrintLab is suitable for complete beginners with no experience in 3D design and 3D printing. Our resources range in difficulty so you can work your way from beginner to advanced level.

What equipment do I need?


To make the most out of your PrintLab experience, you'll need access to a 3D printer, filament and a computer. In terms of software, you can either use Tinkercad (for beginners) or Fusion 360 (for intermediate-advanced users). Both options are developed by Autodesk and are completely free to hobbyists.

Which resources do I pick?


PrintLab was built as a flexible library of resources that you can pick and choose from depending on your interests, skill level and personal preference. We do however have a pathway of resources that we recommend for those who are new to 3D design and 3D printing. We call this the 'Fundamentals Pathway' and information on participating in this pathway is provided in the user guide, which can be accessed upon signing up to PrintLab.

Can I try PrintLab?


Of course! We offer a free day pass trial to our personal license. Click the link below and scroll down to the personal license trial to get started.

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