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We create 3D printing lesson plans and projects that empower young people to become creative problem-solvers with empathy for the world around us

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3D Printing Curriculum

PrintLab Classroom is an online platform of 3D printing lesson plans combined with a certified teacher training course. Our approach is to take inspiration from the innovative uses of 3D printing in industry and bring these through to education. The curriculum is aligned to a range of standards across different subject areas and challenges students to design assistive technology, reusable packaging prototypes, hands-free virus solutions and more.

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A Toolkit for Educators

Our online toolkit allows you to pick and choose from 40+ projects to build your own pathway for students - saving you the time and stress of creating your own lesson plans. Each project is equipped with downloadable teaching materials such as presentations, workbooks and rubrics, as well as explainer videos and 3D design tutorials hosted on a student portal for a blended learning experience.

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Make:able Challenge

make:able is a free assistive technology design challenge brought to you by PrintLab and Autodesk. It is equipped with an online challenge toolkit and full teacher's pack to inspire the next generation

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Redesign your Classroom

In this project, students are challenged to redesign their classroom to improve their own learning environment

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Assistive Clips

In this project, students design assistive clips that attach to objects to make them more accessible

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Packaging Redesign

In this project, students learn about the circular economy before rethinking and redesigning the way we create and use plastic packaging

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For Libraries & Makerspaces

It’s not just schools we support - libraries and makerspaces can provide members of all ages with access to our student portal, allowing them to work through exciting, self-paced courses and projects. The impact of this is sure to increase 3D printer usage and footfall in any creative organisation.

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