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We help teachers to integrate 3D printing into the classroom through certified online training and standards-aligned lesson plans

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3D Printing Curriculum

Teach students how to design assistive devices, tackle global waste, solve engineering challenges, become entrepreneurs and more with PrintLab Classroom - an online portal of standards-aligned 3D printing lesson plans, equipped with everything from presentations and design workbooks to CAD tutorial videos (based on free software) and 3D model files. A PrintLab Classroom license will save you huge amounts of time and stress by providing you with 12 months access to our ever-growing lesson library and teacher certification course.

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Design a Self Watering Planter

In this lesson, students learn about photosynthesis before designing and 3D printing a self-watering planter

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Redesign your Classroom

In this lesson, students are challenged to redesign their classroom to improve their own learning environment

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Make an Assistive Writing Aid

In this lesson, students learn about tolerance and flexibility of materials before designing an assistive writing aid for people with arthritis

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Designing Better Bottles

In this lesson, students learn about the circular economy before rethinking and redesigning the way we produce and use bottles

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Teacher Training

Need some training? Don't worry, we've got you covered! The PrintLab Certification Course is the ultimate self-paced training journey - covering everything from 3D design and 3D printing basics to design thinking and classroom management strategies. The course is included with all PrintLab Classroom license options and is guaranteed to provide you with the skillset to teach 3D printing curriculum with the utmost confidence.

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