PrintLab’s Site License goes UNLIMITED

Exciting news! As of today, we are updating the usage of our site license to allow for unlimited teacher accounts and unlimited share links - giving schools, universities, libraries and makerspaces the opportunity to provide all staff with 3D printing professional development training and lesson-ready curriculum.

A laptop screen showing PrintLab's 3D printing learning library with the words 'Unlimited teacher accounts / student share links' overlaid.

25th April 2024 News

As a quick recap for those new to PrintLab, our online learning platform is home to a large library of 3D design and 3D printing mini courses, projects and challenges – with standards-aligned lesson plans, portfolio templates and assessment rubrics to support educators.

Resources are initially used by educators to build their own technical skills and confidence. Selected resources can then be shared with students via share links, which give one-click access to the specific project shared with no logins required. Previously, our site license offered up to 6 teacher accounts, and each teacher could generate 3 share links at any one time. As of today:


  • All educators within the individual school/organisation can have their own PrintLab teacher account, both for professional development training and for classroom curriculum.
  • All educators can generate an unlimited number of share links, which is perfect for those who teach multiple classes, or want to share different resources with different groups within a class.



The updated site license also comes at the exact same price! We hope you are excited as us about our updated offering and you can sign up today here. If you’d like to try PrintLab first, you can also check out the individual teacher license trial to understand what all teachers will have access to. Finally, just a few terms and conditions, as well as information for existing subscribers:


  • All teachers must be part of the same individual site location and all licenses expire exactly 1 year after the first license is activated. For multiple sites or school districts, please enquire about bespoke pricing.
  • Those on an existing site license will automatically be able to share unlimited links. If additional teacher accounts are required, please request an onboarding form from
  • For those on an existing teacher license who wish to upgrade to a site license, please email or your local reseller for a quote.