Balloon Dragsters

Project STEM

In this project, you’ll be designing and making a 3D printed balloon dragster, with the aim of making it travel as far as possible in straight line. After analysing an example model, you’ll follow tutorials to design your own unique dragster, which will be tested and improved through an iterative process. View the project details below and start a free trial to PrintLab today!


Project Difficulty


This project is rated as basic and is suitable for all those who have foundational skills in 3D design and 3D printing.

Project Length


The estimated project length is 4 hours, excluding any 3D printing time. This estimate includes designing and making an initial dragster plus time for testing and creating 2 improved versions. The project can be run in longer or shorter periods of time depending on the number of iterations you choose to make. We recommend breaking the project up into multiple sessions (e.g. 4 x 1 hour sessions), which will allow you to 3D print necessary objects between sessions.

Equipment Required


To participate in this project, you will require:

  • A laptop or computer with either Tinkercad or Fusion 360 software (both free for educational and personal use).
  • A software or web application to create a digital portfolio. We recommend using Google Slides as we provide a portfolio template in this format.
  • Access to a 3D printer and 3D printing material.
  • A balloon.
  • A device to measure distance travelled (E.g. Tape measure).
  • Pen/pencil and paper.
  • A device to capture images of your design process to insert into the project portfolio.
2 website screens showing the learning platform for PrintLab's balloon dragsters project.

The Learning Platform

The project learning platform takes you through the full design process using a variety of media - from 3D models, explainer videos and Tinkercad/Fusion 360 3D design tutorials to design method instructions, templates and more.

4 example portfolio template slides from PrintLab's balloon dragsters project.

The Portfolio

As you move through each stage of the project, we guide you in filling in a Google Slides template to document your design process - resulting in a beautiful and professional portfolio of work.

The Outcome

Our teaching methodology is focused around creative freedom. By using various research, design and evaluation methods, you'll learn how to create a 3D printed balloon dragsters that's completely unique!

A website screen showing the teacher instructions pop down menu from PrintLab's balloon dragsters project.

Teacher Resources

With our education licenses, you can generate a share link to give your students access to the project learning platform. Each section of the platform also has a teacher instructions tab, which provides you with step-by-step lesson plan instructions, curriculum alignment resources and an assessment rubric.


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