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Welcome to the Design Method Toolkit! The aim of this guide is to teach you how to use the toolkit as a resource to help you solve creative problems and challenges. You can access the toolkit whenever you are signed in to the PrintLab platform by clicking the ‘Methods’ link at the top of the page.

Before we get to the toolkit, let’s take a look at the design process in general. When people talk about creating 3D printed products, you’ll often hear about the 3 step process of 3D CAD, slicing and finally 3D printing.


Collage of a 3 part sequence, including 3D CAD, slicing and 3D printing.


Whilst this defines the 3D printing process, it does not define the entire process that designers go through when tackling challenges. In order to design high quality solutions that are fit for purpose, a lot of important and creative stuff happens both before and after the 3D printing process. And that’s where the Design Method Toolkit aims to help you.


Diagram showing the 3D CAD, slicing and 3D printing process with abstract shapes either side.


The Design Method Toolkit is made up of a whole range of step-by-step problem-solving and design activities that can be used at each stage of the design process – whether it’s to learn about potential end users, research topics, generate ideas, design prototypes, evaluate solutions or present work. It was developed to give people an overview of all the creative techniques available to them, so they can select ones that best fit the challenge they are working on and the ones that work well for themselves as designers.


2 website screens showing PrintLab's design method toolkit.


By using relevant methods throughout the design process, you’ll benefit from deeper insights to create better solutions!



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