The 3D Printing Industry

Course 3D Printing

In this short online course, users will learn about the key aspects of the 3D printing industry – from rapid prototyping and local manufacturing to customisation, sustainability and mass global access. The course is designed to be a bitesize snapshot of 3D printing, which is why we developed it in a digestible format of 8 short videos, with a total watch time of just 12 minutes. At the end of the course is a quiz so be sure to pay close attention! View the course details below and start a free trial to PrintLab today.


Course Difficulty


This course is rated as basic and is suitable for all learners, including complete beginners.

Course Length


The estimated course length is 30-40 minutes. The estimate includes time for watching the course videos, making notes and completing the quiz.

Equipment Required


To participate in this course, you will require:

  • A laptop or computer with internet access.
2 website screens showing the learning platform for PrintLab's 3D printing industry mini course.

The Learning Platform

The course learning platform takes you through a range of videos consisting of animated graphics, industry case studies and more.

A website screen showing the 'share resource' pop down menu from PrintLab's 3D printing industry mini course.

Teacher Features

With our education licenses, you can generate a share link to give your students instant access to the course learning platform.


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