Sharing Limits

Once you have selected a resource, you can click the share resource button, which is located within all resources. When you click share, a link will be generated that can be copied and sent to students to give them one-click access to the learning platform (no logins required!). Links only give access to the specific resource shared.

With our standard teacher license, you can generate a share link for up to 3 resources at once. This means you can teach multiple classes and they can even access PrintLab at home. You can unshare resources at any time and select a different resource to share. This can be done from the resource library. With our site license, each teacher can generate unlimited share links.

A share link allows up to 35 students on the learning platform at any one time. If 35 people are using a share link and a 36th tried to use it, the platform will not allow them access unless another person closes their browser and they wait a few minutes.

If you need more sharing limits than what your license offers, please contact and we will quote you for a bespoke upgrade.