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A community of 3D printing experts in over 20 countries have come together to support 3D printing in education. This is our central platform for sharing resources and offering our solutions. 

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3D Scanning Applications

In this blog we look at the real value of 3D scanning by sharing some real world applications.

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The EinStart-C 3D Printer

Boasting automatic bed levelling, a full enclosure and optimised structures for reliability, the EinStart-C is the perfect solution for educators and designers.

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The EinScan-Pro+ 3D Scanner

Handheld rapid Scan, handheld HD scan, automatic scan and free scan make the Einscan-Pro+ a multi-functional, all in one 3D scanner.

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Make a 3D Contour Model

In this free lesson plan students collaboratively design and 3D print a scale model of Mount Everest

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Build your own Greenhouse

Looking for a classroom project that incorporates making and hands on activities into core subjects? Look no further!

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Kideville Curriculum Kit

Kideville is a sustainable city design project, where much like in a game, each student is assigned a creative mission that takes them through a full design and project management process.

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3D Printing Resources

Because 3D printing can be new to many people, it is essential that as much information and guidance is provided as possible. For this reason the PrintLab website was created, so that experts around the world can contribute to a central platform where people can learn, be inspired and have access to the necessary products.


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Our goal was to develop a solution that focuses directly...

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The women we worked with at the shelter were initially...

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