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A community of 3D printing experts in over 20 countries have come together to support 3D printing in education. This is our central platform for sharing resources and offering our solutions. 

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Featured Product: EinScan-S

Desktop 3D scanner - fast, accurate, affordable and 3D printer compatible.

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Check out what 5 teachers had to say about PrintLab products.

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Innofil Pro1 vs Regular PLA

We loaded up a reel of Pro1 and put it to the test.

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PrintLab Teacher's Guide

We’re happy to announce that the PrintLab Teachers Guide has been released in an effort to assist educators getting started with 3D printing.

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Makerversity School Workshop

Makerversity have been busy introducing 3D printing to schools all across the UK. In a recent workshop they delivered the “Make your own cookie cutter with 123D Design” lesson in a primary school.

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3D Printing Molecules

From water and caffeine to medicines and engineering materials, chemistry plays a key part in everything we do and using this guide you can 3D print any chemistry model you wish with ease.

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Classroom Resources

Because 3D printing can be new to educators, it is essential that as much information and guidance is provided as possible. For this reason the PrintLab website was created, so that experts around the world can contribute to a central platform where educators can learn, be inspired and have access to the necessary products.


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In order to print good quality models it is important to...

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The process of integrating 3D printing into a school can...

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Your model must be watertight for 3D printing, however occasionally...

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