About PrintLab

PrintLab is a global distributor of 3D printing products. We support our resellers in 20 countries with products and resources so they can offer schools and businesses total solutions locally with lifetime support. The PrintLab website is our collaborative platform for inspiring, sharing resources and offering our solutions.

PrintLab Education

Our first initiative is PrintLab Education, a theme that is close to our hearts. PrintLab Education brings together a community of 3D printing experts in over 20 countries to support the growth of 3D printing in schools and universities. When you combine this expertise with a range of industry leading products that work in synergy you gain complete educational solutions.

Our mission is to inspire and assist teachers around the world by using the platform as a collaborative space for sharing resources and offering our innovative portfolio of products. We are here to support teachers along every step of their journey.

Our resources range from comprehensive teacher guides and lesson plans to educational stories, 3D models and much more. We value the importance of sharing and we look forward to supporting the growth of 3D printing in schools around the world.

PrintLab Partners

Each PrintLab Partner is responsible for a given region and can provide schools and businesses with an entire ecosystem of 3D printing products with lifetime support. Many companies focus only on offering 3D printers, which can send users down a confusing and challenging journey. Here at PrintLab, the focus is on the entire 3D Printing ecosystem, including solutions such as training, installation and resources.

Every PrintLab Partner is a leading 3D printer retailer in their country, a contributor to the PrintLab platform and an industry expert. You can be assured that we will provide everything you need to have a successful 3D printing journey.

We invite you to take a look at our free resources section for a selection of guides on getting started and if you have any questions, we would love to hear from you: hello@weareprintlab.com


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