PrintLab Classroom 3D Printing Curriculum

The kids loved it and we actually managed to get a working whistle at the end! One of the kids has been so keen on it he convinced his Dad to buy a 3D Printer kit and they spent the weekend building it together!

Stuart Lawn, FabLab Manorhamilton

PrintLab Classroom is an online library of 3D printing lesson plans and professional development resources, including a 4 hour training course for teachers, detailing all aspects of 3D printing in the classroom. Each lesson plan on the platform has its own section and comes with a broad range of downloadable materials, including step-by-step lesson plans, slide-show presentations, student workbooks, design tutorial videos and STL files.

Teachers are able to pick and choose from creative projects that focus on a range of key themes to support design thinking and project-based learning across all subject areas, including 'Design for Disability' and 'Designing for a Zero Waste Economy'. 2 new lessons are also added to the library each month! The low-cost combination of online training and lesson plans makes PrintLab Classroom the ultimate cross-curricular toolkit for schools looking to introduce 3D printing into core curriculum.

We welcome you to browse the lesson plan library and apply for your free trial below.

Teacher License (1 Year)

The teacher license offers a single teacher account on PrintLab Classroom with a single seat to The PrintLab Certification Course. The perfect low-cost option for individual classrooms, home-schooling and parents.


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Site License (1 Year)

Provide unlimited PrintLab Classroom accounts to all staff in your school, library or makerspace. This includes unlimited seats to The PrintLab Certification Course so all teaching staff can participate in the training programme.


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Instructor License (1 Year)

The instructor license provides businesses and organisations the opportunity to have unlimited commercial use of PrintLab curriculum in workshops, after-school clubs and other organised events.


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